[Curulan's Portrait] Character Copyright © 2000-2008 Curulan. Image Copyright © 2001 KJO. Retouched by Frenzie.
Curulan as seen by Cynn
Curulan's Sigil
Omne niceterium cum pernice comitat.
I feel it once again
It's overwhelming me
His spirit's like the wind
The angel guarding me
(Iced Earth - Watching Over Me)

King-General Curulan Angelicos, Seneschal
King-General of the Holy Army
High King of Arda
King of Dorias

Leader of Clan Titan
Roleplaying Coordinator
Director, Cheating Investigating Committee
General of the Unified Titan Armed Forces
Head Moderator, DC TraderChat

President, Panda Eaters and Tasters Association
Keeper of the Holy F5
Clan Cephalopod
Clan Dragon
Clan Pyro

AIM: Curulan
ICQ: 29627300
Y!M: alephstar
E-mail: curulan@clantitan.org

Current Equipment:
Head:(antique) Miner's Cap[+12d+403s] ESUR GBL
Body:Dragon Scale Jacket[+176d-13s] ESUR BL
Feet:(old) Silver Sea Slippers[-1a+33d+337s] ES GBLF (Rusted 34d)
Right:Amini Club[+133a+285s] ESUR GBLF
Left:Crystal Jaguar Fang[+67a+135d-30s] ESUR B

In Storage:
Amini Club[+147a+315s] ESUR BL
Asaura[+32d+19s] UR Enchant(1)
Dragon Scale Jacket[-1a+123d-21s] ES GB (Rusted 136d)
Dragon Scale Jacket[+152d-15s] ESUR B
Dragon Scale Jacket[+166d-14s] ESUR BL
Gladius[+61a+27s] Blind UR Enchant(3)
Shuriken[+33a+55s] ESUR B
Shuriken[+51a+85s] ESUR